Change the way you track job applicants, manage workforce, process your payroll, manage time-off

SnapHRM is a modern HR Management Software built with speed and ease of use in mind. We are trusted by thousands of companies worldwide.

Available on all major platforms

1- Click Payroll

Hassle free! Generate payroll in a single click. Review and edit salary components at your ease.

Easy Applicant Tracking

Gather applicants with shareable job pages. Shortlist, schedule interviews and select candidates with a simple drag and drop.

Employee Self-Service

Lessen your work with a powerful employee self-service portal.

See it in action!

Watch SnapHRM demo video to get a glimpse of possibilities it opens for you.


Powerful Dashboard

SnapHRM provides a powerful dashboard, where you can view a summary of all the necessary information.

You can approve leaves, expense claims, view attendance summaries, events, reminders and more right from your dashboard.

Comprehensive Reporting

SnapHRM's quick and precise reporting helps you get insight into your organization's data. Say good by to maintaining excel sheets and manually creating reports. Our reports are always available and always up to date.

Information at Fingertips

Finding data you are looking for can be frustrating at times. That is why we have designed SnapHRM to make information easily available to you as and when required.

Features like details pane, employee badges and profile pages help you easily find what you are looking for.